You are welcome to publish and distribute the manifesto to support the March for Science Sweden.



We support the March for Science and the three main principles behind the demonstration. By participating in the March for Science, we are calling for a society where science and facts are valued in planning and decision making.

1. Science is open, inclusive and diverse.

We promote open, inclusive and accessible science that embraces diversity and allows different viewpoints to be heard and more questions to be asked. The importance of knowledge, a scientific approach and critical thinking should be seen as self-evident in all parts of society.

2. Research is recognised as an essential part of democracy.

Research is a part of society. We call for an open dialogue, which enables researchers and the public to share their knowledge and where opinions, questions and ideas are welcomed and utilised.

3. Decision-making is based on evidence-based knowledge.

Research is essential if society is to solve the major societal challenges that we face. Therefore decisions must be based on facts and evidence-based knowledge.